What my colleagues say…

“…one of the most interesting actors I have had the pleasure of working with. He is radically smart, emotionally complex, has a broad range of technical skills, can go deep, long, and be funny as hell…a fantastic partner in the rehearsal hall. We’ve probably worked on ten shows together, and I hope there are at least that many more to come.”
Chris Coleman
Artistic Director, Portland Center Stage


“…one of a very few actors I know who have the ability to deeply and effortlessly process the words in a text through his cells so that the resulting performance is a true embodiment of action, character, and emotion. His work is gorgeously complex and subtle, and often accomplishes that rarest of qualities: transcendence. He is a true collaborator on every level, and brings his entire being to bear in the work, not only in his own performance, but for the good of the whole production.”
Nancy Keystone
Director/Designer, Artistic Director of Critical Mass Performance Group in Los Angeles.


“…one of the most passionate and talented actors I have ever worked with. His intelligence and deep understanding of character have never ceased to surprise me.  His ability to handle classic as well as contemporary material is rare. He has an extraordinary feeling for language and quickly finds his way to the core of the play. Few actors can get to this place. It requires great physical and vocal skills. It requires that unique collaboration between mind and heart, which we find only in the greatest artists. It is among these that Peter belongs.”
Anders Cato
Director, New York City


“There is a life behind his eyes that does not remain there, it radiates outward, reaching the audience and enveloping them in something pure, uncomfortable, and ultimately familiar in the most primal and emotional sense. Peter owns the frame he embodies and honors the art of acting, all the while pushing past the boundaries of what we have come to expect from film actors today.”
Anthony Haden Salerno


“…a natural actor with consummate voice and text skills. His performances are riveting combinations of talent, skill, intuition, energy, intellect, and passion. He is generous with his fellow actors, responsive to directors and coaches, and always works at the service of the playwright. I have coached him, shared the stage with him, and taught many an actor alongside him. There are very few artists like Peter Ganim.”
Elisa Carlson
Actor-Voice/Speech/Dialect Coach – Professor
the Guthrie/the Alliance/Films: ‘Steel Magnolias’~’Sweet Land’ ~ ‘Selma’